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OK Superfoods ensures the delight and well-being of our consumers by providing innovative, fun and enjoyable products that enhance their busy lifestyles.

David Westall OK Superfoods Korea

David Westall – Former President
Coca-Cola Korea Bottling Company


OK Superfoods’ Founder and CEO is Mr David Westall. David was previously the CEO / President of Coca-Cola Korea Bottling Company. David has had more than 20 years’ experience as CEO of world-leading quality companies with brands including Coca-Cola, Minute Maid, Pepsi Cola, Hershey, Evian, Schweppes and many more trusted household products.
The combination of David’s global experience including Australia, New Zealand and many other countries and his 13 years’ of experience in Korea ensures that all products and services that OK Superfoods provides are of the highest quality and can be trusted by our important Korean customers. David holds an MBA from the University of South Australia, and is a graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate Business School.

OK Superfoods’ Co-Founder and CEO of our Australia & New Zealand company is Mr Kristian Downing. Kristian has visited Korea many times over the last 13 years, learning about the country, business and culture. Therefore Kristian has a strong understanding of the quality and features of products that Korean customers demand.

Kristian has a distinguished International career in Engineering Consulting and holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Engineering. He also holds an MBA from The University of Adelaide, and qualifications in “Six Sigma” global quality systems so is highly-skilled to ensure that every product that OK Superfoods introduces to Korea has been manufactured, transported and stored to the highest standard, ensuring we win and maintain the trust of our Korean customers.

Kristian Downing OK Superfoods Australia

Kristian Downing – CEO
OK Superfoods Australia


OK Superfoods specialises in the sourcing, import, approval, sales, distribution and brand development of the highest quality Australian products and New Zealand products, for Korean consumers.

To achieve this, OK Superfoods selects only the most respected Australian & New Zealand companies whose product purity and quality is of the highest standard, so that our consumers experience the best this region has to offer. Australia and New Zealand are world-famous for their countries’ beauty and purity, and for the quality of their products. Our consumers can be proud (as we are) of the origin, history and prestige behind each and every product.

Made in Australia products from OK Superfoods
Made in New Zealand products from OK Superfoods


OK Superfoods’ current categories include Fun, Health, Skin, Liquid and Gourmet Food. All products offered are as natural as possible, ensuring the greatest benefits to our Korean consumers.

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With Teams based in Korea, Australia and New Zealand, OK Superfoods has strong connections with quality manufacturers and suppliers around the world. This gives us access to a large selection of first-class suppliers.

OK Superfoods’ Korean Team has more than 50 years’ combined experience in consumer goods, including extensive global experience with No. 1 household-name companies. This gives our team unique product-development skills, tailored to the Korean market.

OK Superfoods’ Australian Team specialises in procuring new products, arranging and checking manufacturing and organising logistics, all to ensure that the highest quality products are developed and available for Korean consumers.

OK Superfoods' Australian Office
OK Superfoods' Australian Office
OK Superfoods' Australian Warehouse
OK Superfoods' Australian Warehouse

Sales, Marketing and Distribution

OK Superfoods’ many years of local and international experience has given us unparalleled access to over 60,000 retail outlets, including hyper-marts, super-markets, convenience stores (CVS), drugstores, pharmacies, coffee shops and on-line sales. This allows OK Superfoods to tailor-make a go-to-market plan that ensures the most effective brand and product penetration whilst building consumer awareness and trial.



At all times, OK Superfoods makes the most environmentally viable choices in all our business and operational decisions, in a bid to have as minimal impact as possible on the environment.


Partnerships & Prosperity

OK Superfoods builds strategic alignments with our partners, ensuring the healthy growth of brands and businesses, and equitable sharing of our success and prosperity. This will ensure the continued strong growth of our company.

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